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Operating in the food and beverage sector with nine brands and more than 40 restaurants, Akkomarka is breaking new ground in the sector with the Responsible Restaurant Movement, a sustainability-focused project that takes into account the right to a good life for future generations. With the Responsible Restaurant Movement, Akkomarka aims to ensure that today’s resources can also reach tomorrow.

Akkomarka, which creates awareness in the sector with its brands and projects that will inspire Turkish gastronomy, includes all its brands including Köşebaşı, Ali Ocakbaşı, Perihan Meyhane, Yamo Sushi, Snob Street Food, Ringa Sea Food, Ken Sushi, Donkey and Mr Meat in the Responsible Restaurant Movement project. Akkomarka undertakes its part in the goal of a sustainable world with the Responsible Restaurant Movement it has implemented for a good life both today and tomorrow. Akkomarka aims to make small changes in the habits of both its employees and guests and to make a big difference with these small changes with the Responsible Restaurant Movement, which it has implemented due to many problems such as environmental disasters, climate crisis, thirst and food shortages.

Energy and water savings with the Responsible Restaurant Movement

Akkomarka, which hosts around 2 million guests every year with over a thousand employees, supplies the energy of its businesses from renewable energy sources with the Responsible Restaurant Movement and has IREC certification in each of its businesses. It controls all waste processes such as glass, paper, plastic, oil, especially food, and contributes to recycling. It saves more than 200 tons of water per month with the revised water equipment. This corresponds to approximately 2 MW of energy savings. It recycles around a thousand tons of oil waste every month. This protects 1 billion cubic meters of water from contamination and is equivalent to the clean water needs of 250 households. It converts waste food into compost, transmits it to the Methanization Plant in cooperation with IBB and delivers it to shelters with HAYTAP volunteers, providing food for 2 thousand little friends every month.


Recycling awareness

Akkomarka has reduced the use of plastic by 95% in all its restaurants and 95% of its packaging materials are recyclable. For every 70 kilograms of paper recycled, 1 tree is saved from being cut down, which translates into a thousand trees per branch every month. Akkomarka prefers papers made from 100% sugar cane pulp or seed cards that return to nature as flowers and trees when planted in the soil after use. On average, 3500-5000 glass bottles from branches are recycled.

Responsible sourcing, responsible menu

With the Responsible Restaurant movement, Akkomarka works with women producers, cooperatives and suppliers engaged in restorative production and includes products with geographical indications in its menus. It supplies all of the eggs used in production from the cage-free system. Akkomarka also broke new ground in its kebab brands, Köşebaşı and Ali Ocakbaşı, by offering its guests a complete vegan menu from appetizers to bakery products, kebab varieties to desserts. Akkomarka, which leaves the choice of garnish to the guest and has recently started offering garnish-free products, has succeeded in reducing food waste by 25%, and aims to increase this target to 100%.

Akkomarka raises awareness among its employees as part of the Responsible Restaurant Movement and provides climate crisis and sustainability training to its employees with Aylin Alagöz from Boğaziçi University and Murad Tiryakioğlu from Afyon Kocatepe University under the leadership of Yuvam Dünya Association.

Volkan Akkaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aziz Ebay Holding, one of the partners of Akkomarka, who completed the Marketing Communication Master’s program at Maltepe University after graduating from Yeditepe University, Department of Business Administration, states that the most important pillar of sustainability is education and that these trainings will be continued widely to all employees of the institution.

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