Aziz Ebay Holding

After the pandemic, online food orders have led restaurant owners to this area. The famous kebab shop Köşebaşı established a food ordering platform. The platform will offer services with low commissions.

Online food ordering platforms, which have become more popular with the pandemic, have started to attract the attention of restaurants. Köşebaşı, one of the brands that introduced kebab culture to Istanbul, also stepped into this lane by establishing an online food ordering platform. With the platform called ‘YemekHazır’, package products from different restaurants will be collected in a single basket. Against the 20-30 percent commission rates of ordering platforms, ‘YemekHazır’ is preparing to serve with much lower commission rates. The platform, which is currently undergoing software and trials, will be operational by the end of this year.

Volkan Akkaş, Board Member of Aziz Ebay Holding, which includes the Köşebaşı brand, pointed out that the food and beverage sector has moved to digital and said, “We know what large and small restaurants expect from food ordering platforms, what kind of problems they experience and most importantly how high their costs are. We established a platform by taking a position accordingly.” Explaining that YemekHazır will be Turkey’s first socialized food ordering and restaurant POS platform, Akkaş said: “It will be a platform that the end-user can use much more easily, user-friendly and includes many features that they wish they could do.” Giving information about the activities of Akkomarka, the restaurant group of the Holding, Akkaş said, “We have 8 brands: Köşebaşı, Ali Ocakbaşı, Mr. Meat Steakhouse, Snob Street Food, Ken Sushi, Yamo Sushi, Ringa Seafood and Perihan. With this brand, we are active not only in Turkey but also in the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia. We are currently negotiating especially for Dubai, Miami, Barcelona and Germany.”

Explaining that they also operate in the ready-to-eat food sector with Akkolgrup within the Holding, Akkaş said: “We have served institutions and private companies not only in our country but also in countries such as Iraq, Uganda, Libya and Azerbaijan. Istanbul Airport, Turkcell, Coca Cola, Novartis, Abb, Turkish Airlines, Özyeğin University, Ikea, Bosch, Hitachi, Uno Ekmek, Borusan Holding, Eren Holding, Brisa are some of the brands we serve… We serve food to 200 thousand people daily at 140 different locations. We also host 50 thousand people daily in our restaurants. In other words, we prepare meals for 250 thousand people on average daily.”

Volkan Akkaş explained that all of the investments of the Holding are oriented towards the food and beverage sector and that there are also investment plans for agriculture in this context. Akkaş said, “We want to produce our own agricultural products. While doing this, we are continuing our R&D studies in order to prevent our current carbon footprint and the environmental pollution we may create in the future by considering the climate crisis. Soon, in the light of the data of these R&D studies, we will produce our own agricultural products without harming the environment with vertical agriculture using solar energy.”

Explaining that COVID-19 affected the food and beverage sector the most, Akkaş said, “We closed 2020 below our expectations. Last year, the total turnover of our companies was 520 million TL.” Explaining that the first 6 months of this year were also difficult, Akkaş gave the following information “With the opening in July, there was an incredible demand. Both restaurants and workplaces have become very active. It looks like we will end 2021 with 700 million TL. Our goal in 2022 is to exceed 1 billion TL. We think we will achieve this with Turkey’s potential.”


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